Welcome Guideposts Readers!

We are so honored to share our story with you!

Our efforts began with the simple mission of helping a few troops deployed overseas… and then the word got out!

Soldiers who were heading home wanted to know if we could help incoming troops, and this even included our K9 friends! As a life-long dog-lover, I was excited to be given the opportunity to assist these Military Working Dogs (MWDs). However, my “Extreme Couponing” tactics were not enough to provide for the needs expressed by our troops…

So we called Petco.

Our local Petco in Tualatin, Oregon, got behind our efforts in a BIG way! To date, the donation of specialty dog treats (Hip and Joint formula requested by our troops) by Manager Jim Jeans at Petco was our largest donation of goods from a Corporate Sponsor. We are so grateful for everyone’s support, and we continue to send packages to men, women, and K9s deployed overseas.

To meet some of our troops and get the most current information,
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Want to Donate?

Checks made to “Mission Mahalo” can be sent to:
Mission Mahalo • 16685 SW King Charles Avenue • King City, Oregon 97224

We also gratefully accept financial contributions online through PayPal.

Our goal is to ship hundreds of care packages to our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors during the months of October/November. Our Packing Party is scheduled for October 6th, 2012 at the King City Civic Association Clubhouse in King City, OR. You are invited to join us in assembling care packages that will lift the spirits of our troops overseas this Christmas. Donations are appreciated!

 We thank you for your support! 


Email Jennifer Fair at missionmahalo@gmail.com
Work Phone: (503)841-3418

  1. Cathy says:

    I just read about the Mission Mahalo from guidepost magazine and I think it is such an awesome thing you are doing. What other ways can we help? Thanks! Cathy

    • Hi Cathy!
      There are lots of ways to help, and it is just depends on what you are interested in doing. I am excited that a lot of people want to get involved in sending care packages to the troops all over the nation right now! Anything that will help our troops (and their pups) get what they need makes me happy!
      You can hold a food drive for the troops at your local school, bank, church, etc… The soldiers are particularly interested in beef jerky, coffee, creamer, gum, anything protein (nuts, peanut butter, tuna, chicken packets), even those little complimentary hot sauce packets you get with meals are a big ticket item over there. (Think “k-rations”, and you understand why…) The dog’s requests get a little more specific because these are working dogs and they need to be protected. Kong dog toys are awesome, dog treats that help the hip and joints are great, and collapsible water bowls are a must!
      I am more than happy to get you the name of a troop if you want to send boxes, and provide resources for getting the address of the troop without violating military security issues.
      Plus, just helping us get the word out is priceless. People need to know that our troops can be helped while they are deployed overseas, and thanked for their sacrifices when they get back home.
      Let me know what sounds like fun, and we’ll work together on making it happen!
      Sincerely, Jenn

      • Taylor Alderson says:

        Hi Jennifer!

        My friend and I are having a combined B-day Party and are asking for toys, food, blankets, etc. for dogs! I guess we were wondering what else to suggest other than those things up above. We would love to help out MWDs and the owners! Thanks a lot.

      • I love that idea!
        Kong dog toys are about the only ones that stand up to these pups jaws, and dog/baby wipes will keep them silky clean on down-time. Shampoo, lotion, and ear cleansers are all wonderful… What would your pup love after a hard days’ work?
        ~ Jenn

      • Hi Taylor!
        How did the birthdays go? (Or is it soon-to-be “happy birthday”? ) Let me know if you need anything else, and thank you so much!

      • Mickie says:

        I am happy to donate to missionmahalo! Today is 9/11 anniversary and in memorial to those who died and to the hard working dogs (and volunteers) who searched the site, it is fitting to help our canine pals overseas.

        Thank you.

  2. Adriana Stevens says:

    Hi, Jennifer. My mom also read the article in Guidepost Magazine. Our family would love to send care packages. Would you be able to give us the name of a troop? Thank you!!

    • Hi Adriana!

      We are getting the go-ahead from our current troops in Afghanistan, so we can follow up with you in an email regarding a particular address.

      Can’t wait to see what happens! I know OUR morale is high right now, so we can just imagine our troops anticipating some gifts from home. It’s amazing how one little box can do so much for the attitude of an entire troop!

      We will talk soon!


      • Alexis Francos says:

        Jen, I am sending this website address to Master Sgt. Dave Cooper, who has spent time in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia. He has started programs called School2school and something similar in which people send school supplies and needed clothing etc. to the native people of these countries. The troops use these things to help the people and also to give help them build schools so that all children – boys AND girls can get an education. I am sure he woueold be
        interested in your Frontlines K-9s program! I will send a contribution soon!

      • Hi Alexis!
        I look forward to the opportunity to speak with Master Sgt Cooper, and I appreciate your help! Thank you so much!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Jenn – I was also thrilled to hear about your project. My father is a deceased retired Army veteran. I’d like to help as well. Please let us know how. May God bless you as you continue to do His good work. Melissa

    • Hi Melissa!

      Thank you so very much for your support – and I am incredibly grateful for your father’s service.

      There are so many ways to help us help our troops. Sometimes they just need someone to connect to, as a penpal. Other times they are in desperate need of supplies (think, no shower for three months and living on k-rations, aka MREs.) We do what we can for every man, woman, and k9 that is brought in our path. The only thing we consistently lack is excess funds to cover the costs of shipping the boxes. We send what we can, and then keep packing while we work to get more money to cover postage. Even amazing 6th graders have gotten involved in helping us raise funds, through gathering recycling materials and turning it into cash. I am amazed at the creativity of kids to break down projects into something that is completely possible, very humbling.

      So what sounds like something you’d be interested in joining us on? We love to pair people with their passion, and anything that helps our troops is what we are passionate about! Let us know what we can do!


  4. Candi Mouser says:

    Hi Jenn! I recently read your article as well and would like to the name of troop so that my family & I can send care packages. They need to know that they are supported and what better way than with food! :0) Thanks. Candi

    • Hi Candi!

      They say a way to a man’s heart… So I would have to agree with you! (And from experience, the women soldiers are instant friends when you send chocolate! )

      I am so excited to help you support our troops! I’ll follow up in an email about the address.

      Thank you!

  5. I have to say, we are incredibly humbled by the support given us on this project this past week! I never imagined my brother and I would be coaching people all over the USA on how to assemble and send package to our troops overseas! It really is pretty amazing how something that started so simple, a hobby, really, turned into a ministry practically overnight. Thank you so much to everyone-from those of you who serve in uniform overseas, to those of you joining us in sending them the gift of home.


  6. Karen L. Nybro says:

    I live in Greeneville, TN but am currently unemployed. I still would like to help out. What can I and my friends do? How does your extreme couponing work?
    Also, how did Petco help? There are dog/animal lovers galore here. Can you send a list of needed items? I’m know for sure we can especially send ot sauce packets and the like. Could they use other packets such as mayo, ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, etc.?
    We would also like to become penpals with either/or soldiers/troops. How does that work?
    Looking forward to hear from you. Our prayers are with you and the troops.

    • Hi Karen!

      Lots of great questions, and I am going to start with the “extreme couponing” aspect of what I do to support this organization. When people think of coupons, they think of saving a quarter here and a dollar there. Then that show came around, and it revealed what some people have known for decades… If you wait for a great sale to match up your coupon with, then you are getting a really amazing deal. The thing is, those deals are happening in retail stores all over the nation and savvy people post them on the internet so we can all benefit. Just two days ago I bought over a hundred dollars worth of hygiene and school items for under $2. If you want more information about couponing, email my personal account at jennfair007@gmail.com

      As for Petco, we had made contact with an amazing manager who offered to be a “drop point” for donations. It’s a great benefit to the stores because they get to be community minded, while potentially increasing their sales and exposure. Anyone can get businesses involved in this way, and it benefits everyone. Sometimes, the businesses will even sponsor the shipping of the donations! Try it out at your local store, you might be surprised at the help you can get! (The dog treats were just an amazing bonus!)

      And the best part, writing to our troops. This is one of the most important things we do. We’d be happy to get you the info on some soldiers to write to, and it will follow in an email on Monday. We are still hearing back from our troops online, so we’ll get you that info as soon as we have permission to release addresses via email.

      Thank you again, I love the thought you put into this already!


    • Oh, and I missed the part about the packets of condiments. I’ve never heard of any turned down! The most popular are the hot sauces, and honey.


  7. Janice Gunnell says:

    I’m interested in sending a package to member
    of the armed services or their pets. Could
    my husband and I obtain some addresses?
    Thank you

    • Hi Janice!

      We can definitely get you that information, and we will respond via email. We are away from the office for the weekend, so there will be a tiny delay. (Smart phones can only do so much…) Thank you so much for joining our family in helping support our troops overseas!


  8. Bernadette says:

    Bernie Myers

    hi i would like to help. but i live in ohio would
    i still be able to help even though i am from out of state?
    if i can is there a list of things that i can have. and can i
    get some addresses as well?
    thank you

  9. Kelly says:

    I would love to help out a human troop and a K9 troop. Can you tell me what is the average cost to send a package overseas and approx. how long it takes to arrive? Any info would be great, thank you!

    • Kelly,
      It’s so great to see how many people are reaching out to us and these are some great questions. First, the cost of sending a package overseas is $13.45. We recommend a large flat rate box from the USPS since then you won’t have to be concerned with the weight. Normally these boxes run $15.45 but the USPS has a $2 deduction for mailing to military overseas. As for how long it takes to arrive is your best guess. We have had shipments make it to a soldier within 5 days, but typically it is closer to 3 weeks with some shipments taking over a month. Some reasons for this is the area the soldier is in, and sometimes it has to do with how busy the post office is (like sending out packages around Christmas). Either way, I guarantee that the troops will be happy whenever the receive your package in the mail.

      Michael Fair

  10. Nancy Campbell says:

    Hi —

    I read the article in Guideposts and we would like to have a name of a troop, or someone that could use a package from the states. My four legged pack would also like the name of someone in the K-9 division that could use some support from our family’s “Creek Pack”. If you could enclose a list of needs for both our requests, that would be fantastic.

    It is great to hear of such an organization as yours that helps the men and women of the armed forces that allow us to have the freedom we enjoy here every day.


  11. Marie says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Just finished reading the article in Guideposts and could not wait till I could get to your website. Bless you for what you are doing…..please send me the name/address of an indvidual or troop along with their K9 companions so that my husband and I along with Cody & Grady (our K9 ‘Boys’) can send a package of appreciation from the states!

  12. jane campbell says:

    I would like information on getting a penpal and sending care packages for a person and canine. I would also like to start a project but what headcount constitutes a troop?
    I have wanted to do this for years but never found the right contact person. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Jane!
      The email we sent you about a penpal contact is still current, so let me know if you need anything else from us. Thank you so much for taking time to show our troops that we still care. A letter is one of the most precious things we can give to our deployed troops, and we are so appreciative of the offer! Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help.
      ~ Jenn

  13. amanda weber says:

    hi jennifer,
    my girl scout troop would love to do this to earn their bronze award, could we please get some more information on this so that we too can send care packages.
    thanks, amanda

  14. Charlotte Doan says:

    I would also like information on sending care packages. I would like to get two names, and if possible at lease one of them female. Our men and women do so much, this is the least I can do to show appriciation. Thank you for all the work you do with this.

  15. Charlotte Doan says:

    Hello again – I just left a message. A friend just now contaced me and ask to get a name for her. So if possible please send me names and address of three soldiers/soldiers with K-9 unites…and if possible one of them female. Have a great day and again – Thank you for your work in this!!!

    • Charlotte,

      I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We’re still waiting for approval from our various K9 troops to share their addresses. Hopefully we’ll get that approval soon and then our Guideposts readers will be able to show them our true appreciation for their service and sacrifice. I’ll send you an email with some more information in the next day or two. Thank you!

  16. Heather Ding says:

    I would love to send some boxes! Please provide any info as to where to send them. You are all so awesome to do this! Thanks

    • Hi Heather!
      Thank you so much for getting involved! We are so excited about helping others support our troops! Let me know if you have any other questions, you can call anytime!
      ~Jenn (503)841-3418

  17. Pam Nelson says:

    I just read the Guidepost article and would like some names to send care packages to.

    Thank You for all you are doing!


  18. Kathie & John Hefeneider says:

    HI! I just finished reading your article in Guideposts, and I think what you are doing is awesome! My husband and I have 2 babies (our 7 year old Border Collie, and a 2 year old Giant Malamute), and we would just LOVE to send a few care packages to some other babies of the troops! We are very excited to do something as this, but don’t know where to get the addresses of K-9 troops in need – can you please help us with this?

    Thank you so much!
    Kat & John

  19. Patty Sanger says:

    I received a gift subscription to “Guideposts” and your article was the first I read. Your project is awesome!!! I would love to send a “goodie” package to a troop and K-9 troop. What a wonderful way to thank our service people and their K-9s. Please forward the necessary information to get started. Thanks so much, Patty

  20. Kim says:

    Hi Jenn,

    Great work you are doing. I would also like tosend some boxes. May I get the name of a couple of K9 soldiers?. A male and female would be great.

  21. Lynette Snoozy-Jones says:

    I have started making dog scarfs and would like to donate them. Please let me know where to send them. Thanks so much.

  22. Pastor Ed says:

    Hi, Jennifer,

    Of course I just read about your great work w/ the K-9 troops and the troops in general. What a reward you will have in Heaven.

    Plse let me know how I can encourage our congregation to support your efforts and what some of the most needed items are for the dogs.

    blessings to you

  23. Jennifer Reisner says:

    Hi Jennifer! I read the article in the Guideposts magazine and what you do is awesome. I would like to help out by sending a box of goodies to a troop. Would you please let me know what to do. Thank you!! Jennifer in CA

  24. Nola Thompson says:

    Hi Jennifer
    May God bless you for this worthy outreach to our soldiers and the K-9’s.Could you please send me some information on how to start a project in my church?It is a small church,but one that is filled with love and compassion.Thank you!

  25. Stephanie says:


    I would love the names and info on two soldiers to make boxes for. I’m excited to do this!

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